Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions.
To get you results.
Media Strategy

We know how to create beautiful designs, that catch your customers eyes. You know that if you chose Llinkzz Advertising, you are in the safest and most knowlegeable hand.

Digital Marketing

Here at Llinkzz, we specialise in digital marketing. Wether you want an online store, to be able to take bookings online or earn through adverts, we can generate the maximum sales through unique and original methods.


Branding & Identity

We create adverts and Proffesional logos for your company to give your company a unique identity, and i can help you assign a theme to your products so customers can see Branding.




​We can write up informative and interesting content for your website, blog or other advertisments, either when I make something for you, or if you think that your content could be better.


App Design/3d Game

We create apps for you to enable you to make extra sales, increase your presence or to promote yourself. We also create custom 3D games for you, and maps up to 20 km, for just you to play, or a multi player game.


Social Marketing

Dont know how to set up social marketing? NOOO problem. We can create FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress, Linkelden, TripAdvisor and others for you.